Lunch boxes for your kids

Preparing lunch boxes for your kids is probably a hassle, making sure they got the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals they need while also making sure they are eating the right portion of food. You need to make sure to pack the right healthy lunch box your children need. Here are some tips to pack the right lunch boxes for your kids.

Pack the core and an extra.

When you’re packing a lunch box for your active kids, consider packing four core food and an extra snack. Core food consists of the lunch, snack, fruit (Depends on the season) water or fruit juice and lastly an extra snack every once a week. Don’t force yourself to pack homemade cooking. Sometimes there are days where we are swamped with work and other things, keep some instant food or some chocolate bar to make packing lunch and snack easier.

Make sure that it’s balanced.

The ideal Healthy lunch boxes for kids consists of five elements which are grains or carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, fruits, and fats. When you’re packing a lunch box for your kids, make sure it includes all of the elements above.
For example:
Brown rice, with chicken breast: carbohydrates, protein, and fats
Broccoli and carrots: vegetables
A slice of watermelon: fruits
A small chocolate bar: snacks.

This simple recipe will make sure that your children have their daily nutrient filled in. Make sure that you don’t give them too many snacks or else they’ll be asking for more sweets and fewer vegetables.

Get creative

If your kids don’t want to eat vegetables or certain foods perhaps, it’s time to get creative. If your kids don’t like chicken breast, try cutting it into pieces andaa02asdasd maybe bring some dipping sauce for your children to dip the chicken along (If you’re worried about their health, opt for a lighter, healthier sauce to bring along.) If your kids don’t like vegetables there are a lot of ways to trick them to eat vegetables. Blend them up with fruits into a smoothie, sneak them into a sandwich, make them into a purée, these are just few options on how to make kids eat what they have to, don’t throw the towel yet!

Those are few tips to pack lunch boxes for your kids; it might not be easy, but as a parent, you’ll continuously learn how to pack the right food for the kids and also to give them a treat every now and then.