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Causes Of Greying Hair And Getting Rid Of It

The growth of hair occurs when the hair follicles push put the old hair cells are pushed out because of the production of newer cells. This life cycle of human hair occurs in three stages of growth, cessation and rest. The period of rest is characterized by the falling out of hair and replacement by a new strand of hair. When the hair is growing, it gets a supply of pigments which are responsible for giving the hair color. However, with increasing age, each pigment supplied to the hair is reduced making the hair to start losing its color hence the hair starts becoming grey and eventually white. There are many others causes of greying hair as discussed below.




Some people have the genes that make them start losing hair color in their early years like twenty. Others have the white strand of hair appearing later in life.



Melanin deficiency

This is the leading cause of greying hair. Production of melanin by the body is often dependent on the nutrition and availability of protein supplements. Lacking these nutrients and the protein supplements do cause the melanin to be in very low quantities in the body. This ends up causing greying hair.


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Hormonal imbalance

Hormones have a major role to play in giving the hair color. When there is an imbalance, one can have their hair turn white.



Medical conditions

There are some medical conditions which may cause the hair to lose its pigments. This includes conditions which cause one to have a deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin B12 or even those who have a problem with the thyroids and the pituitary glands as well.




In today’s life stress is inevitable. This has caused many people to start having grey hair very early in life. This is aggravated by taking alcohol and eating junk food as a way of getting rid of stress.


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Exposure to chemicals

Most of the shampoos, hair oils and dyes are usually chemical based. These chemicals, when used on hair, may produce allergic reactions which turn into infections causing the hair to lose its color.



Other extrinsic factors

Some changes to the color of the hair are usually caused by some external factors which include the climate, pollution and even exposure to some chemicals in the air. These factors are known to speed up aging which causes the hair to grey.

These factors have made people come up with various ways of beating hair greying. Some them include things that can be found in our kitchen cabinets. These include herbs such as cinnamon. When one uses cinnamon as a dye, it is a natural dye, but one will need several applications to achieve their desired results.

Others include black tea, Indian gooseberry is full of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps in renewing hair while making it darker and thicker. Onions are also used since they have the catalase enzyme which helps in restoring the hair of color. Wheatgrass juice is also recommended since it helps get rid of hydrogen peroxide produced by hair which has been linked to greying of hair.