Benefits of exercising outdoors

As winter fades off, the spring climate opens up a lot of new possibilities for health and fitness enthusiasts. Now that you have packed your scarfs, coats, and gloves, spending time outdoors just feels great as you can substitute the gym workout with other activities. Medical experts have proven that working outdoors is very important to your health and general well-being. Always have your water bottle belts and packs for joggers to keep hydrated during the workout.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that only a quarter of adults nationwide get the right amount of aerobic-strength training. This means that a majority do not know what they are doing. If you exercise regularly, then you deserve credit for your effort. However, exercising regularly does not automatically qualify as maximizing on your workout. As the weather warms up, outdoors offers workout options that cannot be replicated on a treadmill.


Great for the mind and body

When at the gym, sometimes you are compounded with the wide range of eyes all around. When exercising, the animals and vegetation do not really care much about your workout. Exercise is a major confidence builder in individuals, particularly when it’s done outdoors. A research conducted by The University of Essex reveals that workout greatly improves your level of self-esteem. Furthermore, you do not have to over-exert yourself, low-intensity exercises provide the greatest impacts.

Outdoor fitness

Regular exercise is quite contagious but not impossible. Arriving at a suitable exercise is even more difficult. The shot of pleasure you will experience outdoors means you have higher chances of sticking to this program than others. Researchers in Canada found that postmenopausal women gained a lot from the workout. In addition, they were more likely to adhere to their workout schedules than those who did it indoors.

Benefits of sunshine

Sunlight has a lot of benefits that are great for your skin and overall wellbeing. For instance, the sun rays on your skin create vitamin D3 which is important for your bones and body metabolism. Additionally, when exposed to the daylight sunlight, you will have a good night sleep during the night. An increase in your level of immunity increases the production of endorphin which produces feel-good hormones that circulate throughout the entire body.


Much cheaper than the regular gym

If you focus on an outdoor workout for six months, you will have saved hundreds of dollars in gym membership subscriptions. The costs you might incur are sunscreen, water bottle belts and packs for joggers, running shoes, and climate-friendly workout attire. This will still cost less when compared to the gym fees.

Maximize the outdoor workout

Fully utilizing your outdoor workout session is key so you must have an idea of what this workout will entail. You can follow a certain trail to work on your cardio or an open clearing to carry out body weight exercises. A combination of the two will deliver a full body workout.

Other exercise techniques are the jump squats, walking lunges, step-ups on a park bench, push-ups and pull-ups on monkey bars, triceps dips, and much more. A half an hour of jogging or walking is the perfect way to start or finish your workout. Exercising daily is intensive. However, if your workout boosts your mood and general well-being while saving you money, it becomes worth the effort.