How to lose weight faster

Weight loss is a major struggle among people today. Out of ten, a larger number will be struggling with weight loss. Why do people struggle to lose weight? First, the excess weight comes with terminal diseases such as diabetics, heart diseases and much more. Secondly, there is a certain stigma that comes with being obese, when everybody turns to look at you because you are overweight, it does not feel good at all. It is even worse for children because their peers will shamelessly laugh at them when they cannot perform certain tasks or play an individual game. All the above pushes obese people want to shade the excess weight. Below are tips that will help you speed up weight loss.

Weight loss

Watch your diet

Your current weight is as a result of what you eat. If you are always on foods high in calories like beef, fats, and junk you are likely to be overweight. It is not a crime to eat all the above, but do it in moderation. Make sure that all your meals contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats in the right ratios. Drink a lot of water as well; it helps keep the body hydrated and helps in digestion. Fruits, vegetables, and cereals should never lack in your diet. They are low in calories.


As mentioned earlier, it is the calories we eat that accumulate in the body and cause us to become obese. This is what happens when you eat; the body uses the required calories as energy. The excess are stored in the body. The stored calories accumulate with time and make you grow fat. If not taken care of you become obese. Exercise is the only way to burn the excess calories. But people have become lazy with excuses of being busy all day. It is not a must that you visit the gym for you to exercise, you can walk to and from job. You can use the stairs, dance in the kitchen, I mean, exercise any time you get an opportunity.

Training partner

A training partner becomes your accountability partner. You will have someone to report to when you fail to attend a training class or when you eat dirt. It is better if you choose someone who is better than you weight wise because they will act as motivation. You will want to look like them one day. Be ready for negative comments from friends and people you thought they would support you. Keep positive and stay focused all through.